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A well known comentator and protagonist in maters of seeking Justice rather than suitable outcomes, in the Scottish Courts said of yesterdays verdict in the Scottish Courts:

'Is The Spec losing their grip?'

'In an astounding development Edinburgh's secret legal illuminati, The Speculative Society, saw one of their more high-profile Members, merchant Banker Hamish Grossart, publicly shafted by Mr. McReadie, a mere Sheriff, at Perth'.

'Also in the same Courts Michael Fletcher may too have curtailed his prospects of ever being elevated to the rank of Senator of the College of Justice, the jocular name for the High Court Judges in Scotland who have presided over such travesties as Piper Alpha, Dunblane, Lockerbie, Shirley McKie, Skye Tolls and other gross miscarriages of justice, but let us hail a decent person in the judicial ranks at last'!

For details of the secretive and seemingly malign Speculative Society of Edinburgh, of which Sir Angus Grossart and his considerably less successful nephew Hamish Grossart are both members with some of the most 'dubious' characters in legal and banking circles in Scotland - and for a membership list with certain details and apparent links with Satanism as with the layout of St. Andrew Square, one of the most prestigious addresses in Scottish business circles, home of the failed Royal Bank of Scotland of which Sir Angus Grossart was a director, the bank has had to be subsidised by British tax payer to stay afloat.

For details & Membership of The Spec. CLICK HERE

There are those who question why the likes of Sir Angus Grossart are still seen as doyens of banking, having presided over such a debacle and why tax payers are expected to bail out the bank whilst he still boasts of the £90 Million he made in the good years!

'I never bugged his phone' –
banker Elaine Grossart's ex-wife sets record straight after court win

Date: 12 December 2009

By: Christopher Mackie

SHE is the former wife of a multi-millionaire banking tycoon, caught up in an acrimonious two-year divorce that has seen allegations of bullying, deceit and covert surveillance.
• Elaine Grossart won a £2.3m divorce settlement last year from
her former tycoon husband Hamish Grossart.
Picture: Phil Wilkinson

And yesterday, the tale of Elaine Grossart took a further twist as she was awarded substantial costs after a bitter court battle.

She then went on to issue a strenuous denial that she had ever bugged the phone of her former husband, Hamish Grossart – a member of one of Scotland's most prominent banking dynasties.

Her comments mark the latest instalment in the story of her marriage to, and divorce from, the nephew of Sir Angus Grossart, the founder of the Noble Grossart merchant bank and one of Scotland's most influential business figures.

At Perth Sheriff Court yesterday, Sheriff Michael Fletcher granted Mrs Grossart expenses believed to total more than £20,000.

At a hearing earlier this year, the sheriff threw out a civil case brought by accountant Andrew Hamilton, who claimed she owed him £7,931 in professional fees.

Mr Hamilton – a former friend of Mrs Grossart and principal of Edinburgh-based chartered accountant Andrew Hamilton & Co – said the money was due for advice during divorce proceedings that saw her land a £2.3 million deal in 2008.

She denied Mr Hamilton had acted as a "professional expert" and said any advice offered to her had been on an informal, friendly basis, without any contract being in place.

Despite claiming she was his client, the court heard Mr Hamilton admit he had failed to carry out proper money-laundering checks on Mrs Grossart – something he said was overlooked because she was "distressed" and "emotional".

Mrs Grossart, 52, told the court Mr Hamilton had been a part of her "Fife set", to which she had turned to discuss her former husband's "bad behaviour".

She claimed Hamish Grossart was a bully, who subjected her to "physical and sexual assault" and stopped her from dancing with other men at functions.

She also accused him of ordering her hair to be cut in a certain way.

Eventually, Mr Hamilton's case was dismissed, with Sheriff Fletcher dubbing him a "Bertie Wooster" character, likening him to the upper-class, but unreliable PG Wodehouse hero.

In reports of the hearings, Mrs Grossart was accused of hiring a private investigator to bug her husband's phone at Pitlour Estate in Perthshire, fearing he was hiding millions of pounds from her following their 11-year marriage. But speaking after her court appearance yesterday, she strenuously denied ever spying on her former husband.

"I did not bug my husband's phone, and I am not sure who planted this," she told The Scotsman.

"If that was the case, I would be in chains myself. It is a criminal offence to bug a phone, and I wouldn't even know where to start.

"You have to have possession of the phone to do it in the first place. I have never bugged his phone – it is a total travesty. If I had been known to tap the phone, I would have been dealt with very severely.

It is a complete untruth."

She added: "I want to set the record straight. I haven't done so in the past, because I have had more important things to do. It has been wrongly referred to in the press all through the case – the judgment is there and can prove that."

Mrs Grossart, who now plans to concentrate on her charity work, said the experience had been "emotional".

"I have got my expenses and I am delighted with the outcome," she said. "I am very relieved. I am at the end of a very long and hard road, and I am glad it is behind me and I can concentrate on what is important to me – being a mum and all the other things I am involved with."

Mr Hamilton described yesterday's sheriff court ruling as "very unfortunate". The exact figure due to Mrs Grossart will now be determined by an audit of the expenses she incurred during the process.

Hamish Grossart could not be contacted for comment.

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Hamish McLeod GROSSART52 born 07-Apr-1957

SPECulative Society of Edinburgh Member

Non-Executive Chairman joined the board as chairman in 1996.
Cairn Energy PLC
currently also non-executive deputy chairman
Cairn India Limited
a non-executive director Member and Chairman of the Audit, Remuneration, Nomination & Corporate Governance Committees

British Polythene Industries PLC
Deputy Chairman
Artemis Investment Management Limited
a non-executive director

Quality Care Homes
Scottish Radio Holdings
Digital Bridges
Barker & Dobson - (Drayton Consolidated Trust) - Alma Holdings
Royal Doulton
Eclipse Blinds
Scottish Highland Hotels
Hicking Pentecost
EFT Group

He has over 20 years' experience on public company boards, in a wide range of industries,
both in an executive and non-executive capacity, frequently with catastrophic consequences.

He has left:
a long trail of broken lives, betrayed staff, colleagues and women,
who have suffered from his emotional inadequacies and lack of maturity.

A weak and bullying individual,
who brings shame and unhappiness to his children,
and those who misguidedly cared for him, as he sets out to prove his worth to himself.

Always acting egocentrically at the expense of those he can bully, exploit and control.
An emotional Narcissist & a manipulative sociopath.

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